Numo Evo ST

Although AGV is best known for our association with Valentino Rossi and our racing heritage, unlike some of our competitors, our offer is comprised of a wide variety of different segments including race, street, off-road or dual sport helmets. The good example of that variety is the new AGV modular helmet NUMO EVO. NUMO (new modular)EVO is a new top-of-the-line modular helmet in the AGV collection, introduced first to the US market in January 2014. It’s a new alternative to the less aggressively shaped and priced below $200 Miglia II which enjoyed great success as the sole modular alternative in AGV line so far. Developed with the use of the Pista GP technical knowledge and creative solutions from the AGV Extreme Standards, NUMO makes not only for an extremely safe but also very well equipped and fashionable choice for riders who look for a touring/city flip-up helmet.

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